Jo Amor - Vedic Meditation Teacher

Hi, I’m Jo. 

I used to overthink life and grapple with anxiety. By age 35, stress had made it’s way into every cell of my body and my mind was everywhere at once. Between work and family I was exhausted, navigating challenges poorly and lacked a deep connection with myself. 

Vedic meditation changed all that. Stress began to evaporate from my body like the steam from a kettle. My family watched in awe, as I emerged from my meditation chair each day with a renewed sense of calm and light-heartedness that I had never felt before.  

The path to enlightenment literally means we begin to……. lighten up! I am now 45 and feeling lighter, younger and more vibrant than I did 10 years ago.

I teach Vedic Meditation to mums, dads, professionals, creatives, athletes, retirees, and even kids. Anyone seeking more calm, clarity, energy and wellness in their lives.

I love de-bunking the myth that meditation is difficult…..it’s not…. and teaching people this simple yet powerful technique to build into their lives and make a change for the better. 

I am mum of two and live in Mosman, Sydney.