advanced mantra


If you have been meditating for at least 12 months with your current mantra, you may be eligible to receive an advanced mantra. Advanced mantras are designed to take your awareness to an interface of consciousness known as Ritam, which integrates the transcendental state with your waking state.

You may find this is already happening naturally in your meditations, where the transcendental and waking states have become indistinguishable. Your body might feel deep in meditation, yet your mind is acutely aware of everything going on around you. Some days you cant decide whether your meditations are deep or shallow, because it feels like both. 

This is because your awareness is now preferring to hover at the place where your thoughts manifest out of Being.

This is when we introduce an advanced mantra, to support this natural evolution of your practice and further expand your consciousness.


Frequently Asked Questions

why get an advanced mantra?

Advanced mantras are not compulsory, but meditation is an evolutionary path. As we evolve consciously, so does our practice. If you want to keep working your way towards the ‘light’, then getting your advanced mantra is a step you may wish to take at some point.

HOW DO I know if i’m ready for an advanced mantra?

You have been meditating with your current mantra for at least 12-18 months and are beginning to sense your meditation experience changing. Give Jo a call to discuss whether you are ready for an advanced mantra.

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