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About Advanced Mantras

If you have been meditating for at least 18 months with your current mantra, you may be eligible to receive an advanced mantra. Advanced mantras are designed to take your awareness to an interface of consciousness known as Ritam, which integrates the elusive transcendental state with your waking state.

You may find this is already happening naturally in your meditations, where the transcendental state and waking state have become somewhat indistinguishable. For example, you notice you feel deep in meditation and yet also acutely aware of everything going on around you. Perhaps you cant decide these days whether your meditations are deep or shallow, because they feel like both. This is because your awareness is naturally hovering at the place where your thoughts are actually manifesting out of Being, pure consciousness.

This is when we might introduce an advanced mantra, to support this natural evolution of your practice and further expand your elevating consciousness.

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What to expect with Advanced Mantras

  • A subtle adjustment to your meditation experience
  • Ritam – the threshold before we transcend our 5 senses
  • Faint thinking and awareness of your thinking – simultaneously
  • Become more awakened to the subtle cues of nature
  • Become more awakened to the beauty in all things
  • Improved perception and awareness
  • And all the benefits of meditation you are already experiencing

Why Choose Us

Our meditation courses are designed to help you find your own path to inner peace and take total control over your life.

We help you take that journey from starting as a stressed, hard-working person, consumed by the stress of everyday struggles — to become the person you always wanted to be. A person that is calm, relaxed, and most importantly, happy.

With us, you will find that your health is improving and you will feel more alive in every way. You’ll enjoy continuous progression and see results with every session.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Meditation is an evolutionary path. As we progress and evolve consciously, so does our practice. If you want to keep working your way towards the 'light', then getting your advanced mantra is an important step in the process.

  • You have been meditating with your current mantra for 12-18 months and are beginning to sense your meditation experience changing. Give me a call to discuss your readiness to evolve to the next phase.


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