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Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I learn Vedic meditation if I’ve never meditated before? 

Yes. You are welcome to contact me anytime about your practice. You may also attend group meditations or do refreshers, free of charge. 

What if my mind is VERY busy?

Great! You are the perfect candidate for meditation. There is no need to clear the mind of thoughts. I’ll be teaching you a technique that will help settle the mind and I’ll show you what to do with all those thoughts!

Will I be able to meditate on my own?

Yes. You will be meditating confidently on your own by the end of the course. I promise I won’t let you go until you’ve got it!

Can I contact you after the course?

Yes. You are welcome to contact me anytime about your practice. You may also attend group meditations or do refreshers, free of charge.

How will I find time to meditate?

Meditation takes away stress and fatigue which eats life up! New meditator’s often find themselves with more time than before, as they become more productive and efficient, they require less sleep and have more energy. Also, the benefits can be addictive and many people look forward to doing it!

How is Vedic meditation different from other types of meditation?

Vedic meditation is the most ancient technique there is. It as been around for over 5 thousand years and pre-dates all other forms of meditation. We use a mantra (a sound) to settle the mind. The mantra is transcendental, meaning it will enable the mind to move beyond thinking and settle very deeply. There is no need to focus or visualise and its a very effortless form of meditation.

Do I have to chant my Mantra?

No! We gently repeat the Mantra inside the mind. Everyone receives their own personal Mantra when they learn Vedic meditation.

Do I have to sit cross legged on the floor? 

No, we recommend sitting comfortably in a chair.

The course seems expensive, why?

Vedic meditation delivers immediate benefits to the mind and body. You will be instructed in person and equipped with a powerful skill that can be practised every day for the rest of your life. If you were to attend a $10 drop in class every day for 12 months it would cost you $3650 per year, so the one off investment of $880 becomes very reasonable. If you have financial concerns I’m more than happy to discuss options with you.

What about meditation Apps?

Apps can be a good entry point into meditation. However meditating with technology has it’s limitations and most people seek a deeper experience eventually. Learning Vedic meditation provides a depth of experience that simply cannot be matched by technology.

Can children learn Vedic meditation too?

Yes, children from 5 years can learn. However if the child is under 15 years at least one parent must already be a vedic meditator. It is important to de-stress the parent first! It also means the parent can enable appropriate support and encouragement.

How do I book into a course?

Go to the Courses page for upcoming courses each month. Please call or email to check availability.