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Meditation for Adults

In today’s world we are caught up in constant activity, and when we stop to relax, this often includes a screen in front of our faces.

With modern life, stress and fatigue creep in and cause our happiness to vanish, along with our ability to cope with life’s challenges. We must find a way to counterbalance stress and integrate silence into our lives.

Vedic meditation helps our nervous system recalibrate so we can start responding to life with more clarity and contentment.

And it’s not difficult! Perfect for both beginners and experienced meditators, everyone comes away from the course benefitting equally with the same tool.

A typical course runs over 4 days. You will be guided and supported in your learning, you will be confidently meditating by the end and noticing the benefits.

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Benefits of Meditation for Adults

#1. Improved Focus

Meditation anchors us in the present moment. We become more intuitive about our priorities and acquire energy to follow through with things.

#2. Enhanced Confidence

Lost your sense of self? Meditation brings us back to an inner knowingness of who we really are at a deep level. Clarity becomes strong and letting go of stuff that no longer serves us becomes easier.

#3. Decreased Anxiety

Meditation brings us in touch with an inner contentedness at our core. Yep, underneath all those layers of stress you are actually happy and peaceful. You will begin to sense that everything is going to be okay.

#4. Reduce Stress

Did you know stress can only be removed from the nervous system by resting? Just 20 minutes of Vedic meditation is the equivalent to 3-4 hours of sleep!

#5. Ease Depression

Meditation is a self care ritual that will nourish you from the inside-out. It is enlightening, sparking a light within that has been dampened. Meditation with all its benefits helps to reignite it out of dormancy.

Why Choose Us

At Jo Amor Meditation, we make meditation accessible to everyone.

No matter if you?ve never experienced meditation before or if you?re an advanced practitioner — we can assist you on your journey to mindfulness and calmness.

We offer a wide variety of classes for adults, children, advanced practitioners, and more.

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Course Structure & Fees

This is a 3 day course that runs for a couple of hours each day. Here’s what you can expect:

Day 1 – Receive your own personal Mantra

Day 2 – Fine-tune the technique and create a routine for your practice.

Day 3 – A diagram on stress release and transcendence.

Day 4 – Explore the idea of consciousness expanding.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You will be able to. It's easier than you think. No-one has ever failed a course in vedic meditation because it's very straightforward and I won't let you go until you've got it!

  • Good, you are the perfect candidate for vedic meditation and I'll show you what to do with all those thoughts!

  • No. The course is not designed like a therapy session. All you really need to do is turn up, follow my lead, absorb the meditation wisdom and ask questions if you have them.


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