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1 on 1 Private Sessions

Private sessions with Jo are perfect if you don’t like groups or think you might need a private space to learn. Perfect if you need any of the following guidance:

  • Private vedic meditation course – $1280
  • Help with restarting your current practice – $95

All private sessions are conducted confidentially in a nurturing environment free from distractions.

You will be heard and supported in a non-judgemental way and encouraged to open up about whatever you need to. We are all vulnerable and often looking for the same thing…..happiness in the present moment, clarity for our future and freedom from our past.

Jo will guide you with vedic wisdom to build confidence and resilience back into your life.

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Benefits Of Private Consultations

Learning, reading, and even watching about other people meditating can set you up on the right path. But, practicing face-to-face with an expert, is an experience that?ll accelerate your journey like no other.

Starting meditation on your own could lead to setbacks. This could lead to:

  • Poor technique
  • Slow improvement
  • Frustration and anger
  • And so much more

Instead, take a private consultation so you can:

  • Receive full explanations and teachings for each technique
  • Learn how to tailor your meditation practice for your character
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the underlying principles of meditation
  • Improve your daily routine of meditation practice
  • Discover advanced techniques you?d struggle with alone

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Why Choose Us

In your private consultation, you?ll receive a guided meditation session that is tailored for your meditation and learning style.

With the knowledge we provide you and the dedication you show, we?ll ensure you gain the skills necessary to enjoy the benefits of meditation on your own. No matter where you are in your life, you?ll be able to take the techniques you learn and apply them.

Just like how an athlete needs a mentor, we can provide you with the best private meditation mentoring to accelerate your improvement.

As a result, you?ll be able to improve your daily life, relationship with friends and family, boost your workplace performance, and so much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Vedic rounding is a special meditation technique where you will be able to purify your mind and your body. It combines a specialised sequence of yoga poses, breathing exercises, meditation techniques, and more.

  • Since this is an advanced technique, it?s best to learn in a 1-on-1 environment. This is where an expert can guide you through the procedure and correct you as you go.

  • Meditation is a skill that you?ll continue to improve throughout your life. No matter if you?re a beginner or if you?ve been practicing for years -- a private class can help you both polish your fundamentals and develop more advanced techniques.


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