Vedic Rounding SYDNEY

vedic rounding Sydney


Rounding classes are held in Mosman, in the northern suburbs of Sydney.

Rounding is a great way to eliminate stress.  A “round” is a special sequence where we combine yoga, breathing and vedic meditation. It will release stagnant energy, relax the body and calm the mind.


Once you have learnt to “round” in a 2.5hr workshop, you can do it at home or attend more classes in my studio. 


Yoga experience is not necessary.


The benefits of Vedic meditation continue to grow when you practice Rounding.




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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vedic rounding?

We add yoga poses and breath work to deepen your Vedic meditation and dissolve stress more quickly.

The benefits are powerful, 1 round will deliver the same benefits to your mind and body as approx 3-4 meditations.

How is Vedic rounding taught?

It’s best to learn in person with a vedic meditation teacher. It can usually be instructed in a short 3 hour workshop at minimal cost.

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