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About Vedic Rounding

Already a vedic meditator? Come and boost your meditation practice by learning to Round, because yoga and meditation are designed to go together! Rounding is a specific way of accelerating stress release, to open you up to more heightened states of consciousness, happiness and creativity.

This is a special sequence of floor-based yoga poses, combined with a breathing technique, to effortlessly ease you into deep meditation and further purify the mind and body of stress.

1 Round = 50 minutes

Once you have learnt to round (taught in a 3hr workshop), you can round on the floor in your bedroom, kitchen or balcony! It’s a must-have for every vedic meditator’s tool box.

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Benefits Of Vedic Rounding

The benefits of vedic meditation continue to shine when you practice Rounding.


  • More supple in the joints
  • More flexibility
  • Builds strength and tone
  • Helps circulation and blood flow


  • Meridian points stimulated
  • 7 chakras activated
  • Pranic/breath body awakened
  • Kundalini rises


  • Deeper meditations
  • Clarity and creativity arises
  • Self compassion increases
  • Consciousness expands

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Why Choose Us

Want to learn advanced meditation techniques like Vedic rounding and take your meditation journey to the next level?

Practice with experts who have gone through the same journey you have. From living a life of constant stress and anxiety, pursuing better health, and finally stumbling across meditation. We?ll help you experience the same improvement in energy, clarity, patience, and overall health.

Here, we teach you one of the oldest types of meditation. This is Vedic meditation. It has been around for over five thousand years and is a simple, yet powerful, technique.

Vedic meditation is a very simple and effortless mental technique practiced sitting comfortably (in a chair) with the eyes closed. There is no need to concentrate, focus, or clear your mind of thoughts. There is no need for earphones, books or devices. Once you have learnt the technique, it goes with you everywhere and becomes a life- long skill.
We use a mantra (a sound) to settle the mind. This mantra is transcendental, which means it will enable the mind to move beyond thinking and settle into a state of deep relaxation. There is no need to focus or visualize, which makes it a very effortless form of meditation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • It's vedic meditation combined with yoga poses and breath work to deepen your meditations and dissolve stress more quickly.

    The benefits are powerful, 1 round will deliver the same benefits to your mind and body as approx 3-4 meditations.

  • It's best to learn in person with a vedic meditation teacher to get the most benefit. It can usually be instructed in a short 3 hour workshop at minimal cost.


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