Vedic Rounding SYDNEY

vedic rounding Sydney


Classes conducted in Mosman, in the northern suburbs of Sydney.

“Rounding” is a specific way to accelerate stress release, by combining Yoga + Breathwork + Meditation into one 50 minute session. It will open you up to more heightened states of consciousness and release stagnant energy.

The special sequence of floor-based yoga poses, combined with a breathing technique, will effortlessly ease you into a deep meditation and amplify the benefits. 

Once you have learnt to round (in a 2.5hr workshop), you can round anywhere – on the floor in your bedroom, kitchen or balcony. It’s a must-have for every Vedic meditator’s tool box.


The benefits of Vedic meditation continue to grow when you practice Rounding.




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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vedic rounding?

We add yoga poses and breath work to deepen your Vedic meditation and dissolve stress more quickly.

The benefits are powerful, 1 round will deliver the same benefits to your mind and body as approx 3-4 meditations.

How is Vedic rounding taught?

It’s best to learn in person with a vedic meditation teacher. It can usually be instructed in a short 3 hour workshop at minimal cost.

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